Dr Sam on TV

Dr Sam is a prominent Australian doctor who is rapidly building a profile across all media.  He is available to provide expert commentary or opinion on a wide range of medical topics.

Dr Sam is versatile.  Drawing on his role as a father to three wonderful kids, a professional background as a military officer, and his current life as a general practitioner.  He has knowledge and experience that enable him to comfortably comment on a wide range of topics: from all facets of medicine, to exercise, fitness, sport, families and kids.  Dr Sam has it covered.

Dr Sam appears weekly as the Today Show medical expert on Sunday’s, and joins the Kyle and Jackie O show as Dr Kiis every Tuesday morning.

If you are wishing to contact Dr Sam in regards to Media and Speaking, then please email:

Dr Sam does a live prostate exam on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Dr Sam provides expert advice for the popular lifestyle and parenting site Kidspot.

Some educational videos featuring Dr Sam from Embarrassing Bodies Down Under can be found here.

Dr Sam on Embarrassing Bodies Down Under

Late in 2013 Embarrassing Bodies Down Under premiered on Foxtel’s Lifestyle You channel to much acclaim. Mid 2015 sees the Nine Network premier Embarrassing Bodies Down Under to massive audiences nation wide.  Produced by Shine Australia it’s the show that “could never be made in Australia” .