Aussie blokes wake up – you’re letting the team down!

Aussie blokes wake up –  you’re letting the team down!

A recent report has confirmed that male fertility is on the decline, and I’m sorry men, but it’s largely your fault. Read the rest of this entry »

Food allergies in children.

In Australia, as with the rest of the world, food allergies are becoming increasingly more common in our kids.  And no one really knows why.

Dr Sam sifts through the facts to discuss what all parents really need to know about food allergies.

Food allergy can develop at any age, but is most common in babies under one, affecting one in ten.  Most childhood allergies are ‘outgrown’, only affecting about one in twenty by age five, and only 2% of adults.  Continue reading.


Meningococcal B vaccine: to B or not to B. That is the question.

In late 2013 the first vaccine against Meningococcus strain B was approved for use in Australia, but there has been little discussion and guidance regarding its use.  Clearly, the topic has done the rounds of mothers groups, prompting specific questions from my beautiful sister - the proud mum of Kam-ron
“Sam, whats with this Meningococcal B vaccine?  Do i have to get it for Kam-ron?” Read the rest of this entry »

Is your baby constipated?

I have a six month old, and WITHOUT doubt, the single, most frequent topic of conversation is poo – dissecting the daily passings of baby Clancy.

And it’s no different everyday in my surgery looking after young families.

The one issue that causes the most amount of angst is constipation.  So for baby Clancy’s mum and all the other new mummies, here are your common questions answered.

Read the full article here at Kidspot.




Melanoma explained and exposed.

Some of Dr Sam’s Kidspot articles from 2016

Dr Sam writes regularly for the popular lifestyle and parenting website Kidspot, and many of his articles can be found here.



A simple fix for your child’s selective hearing

Does your child have selective hearing?  Well it might just not be the dulcet fatherly tones causing your child to ignore you, but a common middle ear problem called Otitis Media with Effusion – or “glue ear”.

(As discussed with Deborah Knight on The Today Show – Sunday 02AUG15) Read the rest of this entry »

Testicular Cancer: From Yellow Jerseys to Operating Gowns – How Ordinary Blokes Save Lives

The last thing Italian cyclist Ivan Basso expected when he competed in the Tour de France this year was a cancer diagnosis.  But after a pile up in the fifth stage – he got checked out – and in that check up – was found to have a lump on his nut, now diagnosed as testicular cancer.

He’s not alone. Read the rest of this entry »

Extra ANZAC Day public holiday? No!

Righto, today I have something to say.

You see, there are a bunch of flog-bags out their bitching and moaning that Monday is not a public holiday. Because ANZAC Day falls on Saturday, these fools think it’s our RIGHT to have an extra day off.

For what? Read the rest of this entry »

Chlamydia and Fast-Food sex

Could the rise of online ‘fast food’ sex be fueling a rise in chlamydia?

Online social hook-up applications such as Tinder are revolutionising dating. But the fallout is an increasing acceptance of risky sexThe speed with which horny adults link together is frightening, as is the decline in their rational decision making – the thrill of a fast f%$k outweighs the realities of risk.  Read the rest of this entry »